Through supporting the Fondation de l’Hermitage you can…

  • Develop your public relations in a magnificent setting where art meets nature
  • Be associated with a museum that has a crucial place in the visual art world and helping to promote masterpieces by the finest artists from the Renaissance to the present day
  • Make art more accessible through an innovative multidisciplinary programme of activities
  • Reach a wide and diverse range of visitors to one of Switzerland’s most visited art museums
  • Enjoy the positive impact of an attractive multichannel communications strategy
  • Make a significant contribution to the cultural influence of Lausanne and the Lake Geneva region
  • Enjoy benefits tailored to your needs, offering effective solutions for visibility and promotion


Exhibition Partners
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Patrons Circle
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Friends of the Hermitage
Nicole Paschoud
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Donations and Bequests
Sophie Hautier
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Aurélie Couvreur
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